Our vision began in the air. That’s where founder Chris Pask – flying in the cockpit of his topdressing plane – first saw the potential for growing exceptional grapes in the light, stony soils of the ancient Ngaruroro riverbed.

Sheltered from Pacific breezes and several degrees warmer than any other New Zealand wine-growing area, it was in this sun-drenched valley that Chris planted Pask’s first vines thirty years ago. A prized 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon marked our first vintage and from this modest beginning, the world-renowned Gimblett Gravels wine-growing district was established.

More than three decades later, we’re as passionate as ever about making authentic wines to be shared and enjoyed. Our award-winning winemaking team use sustainable methods ensure the quality and consistency of our wines. From grape-picking in our 60 hectares of vineyards to bottling at our Hawke’s Bay winery, there is hands-on care throughout the entire winemaking process.

Pask wines have earned gold medals and trophy success in London, Australia, Asia, the United States, Canada and New Zealand across a range of varietals and styles, but innovation is important to us. Drawing on the teams winemaking experience and intimate knowledge of Gimblett Gravels, we continue to enhance the quality of our wines, as well as experiment with wine styles and techniques under our “Small Batch” collection.

At Pask, we remain singularly focused on making enduring styles of wine of great value. At our winery, you won’t find T-shirts for sale or a restaurant. But you will find a small team of dedicated people who love to make Pask wines.

From the dusty tannins of our soil to our cool climate and golden sunshine, we believe every bottle of Pask wine tells a story.


Chris Pask established the first plantings in the Gimblett Gravels region in 1981. After flying above the area in his top dressing plane. In 1985, the first vintage was produced and the Pask brand family label was established. 

Chris remains on the board as the founder of Pask.


"Our guiding philosophy at Pask has always been to produce the finest wines from the Gimblett Gravels of Hawke's Bay."


Jeff Hart & John Benton

Jeff Hart & John Benton



JOHN BENTON has been a Director at Pask Winery since 2001, in July 2017 becoming majority shareholder.

John is an avid wine lover & successful NZ businessman, specialising in building and developing a diverse range of businesses including Jackson Estate in Blenhiem.

 JEFF HART oversees all aspects of the company, ensuring a smooth operation connecting production, planning, strategic direction, and sales, whilst also covering governance and finance. He has a dynamic hands-on approach to sales and marketing. Domestic and International sales growth is an ongoing goal, without compromising product quality and brand strength. Leading an experienced, diversely skilled team, Jeff’s role is to keep the company’s values to the fore as market changes evolve.

Jeff also heads the Benton Family Wine Group, as well as a diverse portfolio of businesses within the Benton Group.  

Moore Haszard, Greg Allinson & Paul Smith

Moore Haszard, Greg Allinson & Paul Smith



PAUL SMITH, Head Winemaker. Paul's first vintage was with Pask in 2004, from there he went on to travel and experience vintages in various wine regions such as, the Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley & Burgundy. Before returning to Hawke’s Bay in 2010 to take up a leadership role with Pask Winery.

MOORE HASZARD, Winemaker at Pask since 2018, bringing with him an enthusiastic and passionate approach to wine making. A graduate of Lincoln University, with a Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology, Moore also worked in wine, in Australia before returning home to take up positions with Mission Estate & Ngatarawa Wines respectively.

GREG ALLINSON, Winemaker. Moving from the UK to NZ in pursuit of a career in wine making where he Studied at EIT, Hawke’s Bay and shortly thereafter joined the Pask Winery team in 2011 where he continues to climb the ranks.

Andy Pan, Liam Galbraith & Graham Bee

Andy Pan, Liam Galbraith & Graham Bee



GRAHAM BEE, Vineyard Manager

ANDY PAN, Vineyard Assistant



Jeff Hart, Margaret Kilkolly, Graham Bee, Liam Galbraith, John Benton, Andy Pan, Joe, Greg Allinson, Mel Childs, Paul Smith, Moore Haszard, Claire St John Pedler

Jeff Hart, Margaret Kilkolly, Graham Bee, Liam Galbraith, John Benton, Andy Pan, Joe, Greg Allinson, Mel Childs, Paul Smith, Moore Haszard, Claire St John Pedler